Why choose Helix eliquid bottles?

If you own an e-liquid brand and supply zero nicotine products, you’ll of noticed that many customers require access to their e-liquid bottles to ‘top up’ and control their chosen level of nicotine. Existing e-liquid bottle nibs are not designed to be removed. The tight fitting nib needs to be removed by force, resulting in damage and messy spills.

HELIX™ allows the fill nozzle to be easily unscrewed, providing quick and clean access to the e-liquid bottle, while retaining a tight fitting undamaged nib.

Standard eliquid bottles

  • Not designed for re-fill
  • Fixed Nib
  • Requires force to remove Nib and entire top
  • Can be dangerous to force open
  • Liquid easily spills
  • Nib becomes loose after re-attaching

HELIX e-liquid bottles

  • Patented Design
  • Easy to re-fill
  • Twist Nib with fingers to remove
  • No tools required, No force
  • Clean and simple
  • Push Nib securely back into place

Helix is a unique patented design